T.J. Koyen Racing

Welcome to www.KOYEN.net, the home of T.J. Koyen Racing.

At 20 years old, T.J. Koyen already has an impressive racing resume. The Wisconsin native has been clawing his way up the racing ladder for the past several years and on his way to the top has managed to clinch several titles, including the World Karting Association Manufacturer's Cup Championship in 2008 along with multiple regional championships and a number of race victories all across the country. Characterized by his technical and aggressive approach on the track, Koyen has established himself as one of the top karting pilots in North America.

For the 2011 season,TJKR will be competing in several prestigious national series including the WKA Manufacturer's Cup (www.worldkarting.com) and the Superkarts! USA Pro Tour (www.superkartsusa.com).